Friday, January 14, 2011


Here's my macaron tutorial as promised. I am really sorry it took me a month, but here it is.

Start with getting all of your tools. In this case, we need;
-Paperclay. For this one I used Magiclay, but Hearty is much better as I did an experiment and found it more firm when dry.
-Measuring Spoons
-A bunch of toothpicks
-Watercolour or Acrylic Paint to tint the clay
-Some cling wrap/Saran wrap
-Something flat. In this case I used a clear plastic box.

Well we got the tools down pat. Now to move on to the method.

Step One:
Tie the toothpicks together with some tape to make a tool that would turn out to be super awesome. This! I used about 25 toothpicks.

Step Two:
Grab a knob of clay and colour it using the paint. Knead the colour into the clay.

Step Three:
Grab a small amount of clay and press into measuring spoon of your choice. Tear off a bit of clay around the edges but leave a fair bit so we can create the feet! Make sure to keep the remaining clay wrapped in some cling wrap to prevent drying.

Step Four:
Flip over the measuring spoon with the bit of clay still and with the toothpick tool, smush indents into the ring of clay that's to make the feet for the macaron. Do the same for the underside.

Step Five:
With the toothpick tool pry the clay out of the spoon by the feet so you don't mess up the feet you've made.Then fix the feet up if you please.

Step Six:
Flatten the clay with the flat thing you're using. I used a clear plastic box. Does the job just fine. Viola! You've done the first half of the macaron. Now do the other side. When you've finished, leave to dry and varnish if you want. I don't normally varnish my macarons, but you may do so with matt varnish.I presume you all know how to make the cream. Use silicone, impasto medium, modelling paste or whatever rocks your boat. It's kind of difficult to do the cream bit while taking photos and all.


Just so you guys know in advance, I may do another macaron tutorial in the future since I found a new method and find it really handy, but a little on the difficult side when starting out.

Monday, December 13, 2010

First Post!

Well, we're at my first post on my first blog. I guess you guys know what this post will be about considering the background I have for the blog...

I've decided this blog will be dedicated to Sweets Deco and so while I will be uploading photos of my works here, I'll also upload tutorials because I know how difficult it is to find someone telling their own secrets. I'm not a master, but I'll do what I can. I won't be uploading anything today, but soon I will. I'll start with macarons because I have used my method quite a few times and like it that way. I prefer not to use moulds because it seems repeated by many people. I may do an ice cream tutorial after that, but I want to try a new method I've just thought of, so that may be put off till later.

Lately I've been doing a fair bit of experimentation, especially with Japanese clays, like Hearty and Sukerukun. Hearty is quite similar to a clay I've been using, Paper Magiclay but when it dries, it's more firm and smooth textured whereas the Paper Magiclay is squishy and has a porous texture... I hope I'm making sense here...