Monday, December 13, 2010

First Post!

Well, we're at my first post on my first blog. I guess you guys know what this post will be about considering the background I have for the blog...

I've decided this blog will be dedicated to Sweets Deco and so while I will be uploading photos of my works here, I'll also upload tutorials because I know how difficult it is to find someone telling their own secrets. I'm not a master, but I'll do what I can. I won't be uploading anything today, but soon I will. I'll start with macarons because I have used my method quite a few times and like it that way. I prefer not to use moulds because it seems repeated by many people. I may do an ice cream tutorial after that, but I want to try a new method I've just thought of, so that may be put off till later.

Lately I've been doing a fair bit of experimentation, especially with Japanese clays, like Hearty and Sukerukun. Hearty is quite similar to a clay I've been using, Paper Magiclay but when it dries, it's more firm and smooth textured whereas the Paper Magiclay is squishy and has a porous texture... I hope I'm making sense here...

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